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Ms Jacky and I would like to wish all staff, students and parents at SGMAA a healthy, happy and safe New Year for 2021!

Set your goals, strengthen your mind, keep your promises – to not only others but to yourselves and make this year the year you transform yourself to a higher level in your Martial Arts journey (and in your every day lives) – NEVER GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT.

As the old proverb goes... 'Fortune Favours the Bold'... this is very relevant today and living by this statement, can transform you to a higher level and standard of living, benefiting yourselves and others around you.

We as Martial Artists must be courageous, brave and composed in the face of adversity and once we reach this level of mental toughness we are free of insecurities, fear and negative mental barriers – NOTHING CAN STOP US but ourselves.

As you move into the 2021 New Year, make a promise to yourself that you will push above and beyond your comfort zone and deliberately take on new challenges to further develop your mind, body and spirit to a place you never thought was possible.

Through conscious awareness of your own mental discipline in your Martial Arts journey, you can build a tough, decisive and sharp mind for the rest of 'you' to follow into whatever goals you set out to achieve in your life!

Remember to always be grateful, humble, kind, generous, considerate and most importantly RESPECTFUL in your lives whilst at the same time remaining vigilant and fighting-fit at all times as you are more than just an average person... you are a trained Martial Arts Warrior that possess some deadly self-defence skills; it is your duty to protect yourself and others from harm and ensure we promote peace at all times – even when it is difficult and doesn't seem logical.

Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you on the mats in 2021 – Happy New Year from St.George Martial Arts Academy!

Warmest Regards,
Master George & Ms Jacky
SGMAA Founders

P.S. see the link below to for Christmas/New Year reopening and make-up dates.


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