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Martial Arts Classes for Primary School Aged Kids

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With primary schoolers distracted so easily these days with technology overload, we believe in bringing things back to basics with our 'old skool' approach to engaging the next generation with our fun, dynamic and life-saving Juniors Martial Arts program. Our program aims to teach this age group the importance of focus, respect, courtesy, confidence, accountability, responsibility and goal-setting and more through the regular practice of Martial Arts.


Our Juniors classes run for a duration of 1 hour each class and are divided into Beginner Level (White to Orange belts), Intermediate Level (Green to Purple Belts) and Advanced Level (Brown to Black Belts). Each belt level has it's own specific class time and relevant content and these belt specific classes run multiple times per week for your convenience – so don't worry if you a miss a day, as there are plenty more of the same classes running each day of the week for you to catch up on! 


In fact we offer unlimited classes to all SGMAA members which means students can train at any SGMAA branch, on any day of the week in as many classes as they like, providing those classes suit their age and belt level. SGMAA run classes 6 days per week, across 2 St.George locations, Kogarah branch and Kingsgrove branch. Depending on where you are located will depend on which branch you choose as your main training Dojang, some of our students train 6 days per week and attend every single class available!

Our class format generally runs in 15 min blocks where we warm up our students with light and fun Martial Arts oriented exercises, interacting with other class mates; this is to ensure students feel energised and are ready to safely stretch, this also gives students a chance to acquaint themselves with their class mates. Once the students are warmed up, we then move into our traditional Taekwondo stretching routine, stretching from head to toe preparing the students for dynamic and explosive Martial Arts training drills.


The 3rd 15 min block of time is usually allocated to the teaching of a new belt level training technique, whether that be self defence, sparring, patterns or various footwork/kicking combination drills. Once the students get a grasp on the new (or revised) techniques, they are then required to attempt to apply these techniques with their classmates in the 4th 15 min block of the class format – it is here the student accelerates their learning and truly has a chance to reflect on their own personal progress and increase their confidence levels.


It's easy to get started with our Juniors Program 8-12 years – simply register for a FREE TRIAL Martial Arts class at the branch location of your choice and on the day of the week that suits you most, wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a bottle of water along with you. Our classes, instructors and student culture are all very friendly and welcoming and you will have no problem jumping into your first class and enjoying yourself. Feel the adrenaline, excitement and power of becoming a Martial Artist with other like-minded kids your age and make friends for life at St.George's fastest growing Martial Arts Academy.


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