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Martial Arts Classes for Teens and Adults of all ages

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Teenagers and Adults train together in our Seniors (ages 13+ years) Martial Arts program drawing techniques from various fighting arts such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung-Fu and Judo with a major emphasis on our core (WT) Taekwondo known for it's lightning speed and devastatingly powerful kicks. Students become confident and learn to stand tall as the training begins to shape their character into the best version of themselves – with a common goal of becoming an internationally certified Black Belt and living the Black Belt lifestyle!


Our Seniors Program 13+ Years is formatted similar to the Juniors Program 8-12 Years whereby we run a 1 hour class and break it into 15 min components starting with general dynamic stretching and kicking and punching drills to get the blood flowing through the muscles and bring our body temperature up to avoid any injuries during our workout. Once students are warmed-up we then move into our regular traditional Taekwondo stretching routine, working from head to toe with static stretching to increase flexibility in each and every student which promotes higher kicking range, reduced risk of injury or muscle strain and reduced resistance when aiming to develop speed and power with the beautiful (but deadly) kicks Taekwondo is famous for!

Once students are warmed-up and fully stretched from head to toe we move into either self-defence, sparring, poomsae, conditioning HIIT circuit training, group kicking drills, speed and power work, grappling, takedowns and more. We ensure our Seniors are always learning real-world defence drills and aim to develop a real sense of confidence teaching only techniques that are tried and tested and work on even the toughest opponents; if they don't work – we don't teach them.

The final 15 minutes of the Seniors Program 13+ Years class is about motivating the students to 'start strong, finish strong' and always remember every time you are throwing a kick, punch or any technique you are investing currency into your personal health bank account. You are investing into your future health and well being. Teens are investing in strength of character and development of physical fitness and mental toughness to give them the advantage with their secondary school life and the general pressures of simply being a teenager. Adults are investing in their physical and mental well-being by finding themselves again, finding their inner 'lion' and discovering the fountain of youth which is Martial Arts. Every student that joins SGMAA can't get enough and can confirm the classes, friendships, self-achievement, training and camaraderie literally transforms their lives by breaking new boundaries each session.


It's easy to get started with our Seniors Program 13+ Years – simply register for a FREE TRIAL Martial Arts class at the branch location of your choice and on the day of the week that suits you most, wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a bottle of water along with you. Our classes, instructors and student culture are all very friendly and welcoming and you will have no problem jumping into your first class and enjoying yourself. Feel the adrenaline, excitement and power of becoming a Martial Artist with other like-minded teens and adults and make friends for life at St.George's fastest growing Martial Arts Academy.


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