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Martial Arts Classes for Pre-School Aged Kids

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Your pre-schooler will benefit from St.George's favourite kids Martial Arts program! Our early learning Kids Martial Arts program is designed for those little Martial Artists still getting familiar with the world. With plenty of instructors and assistants running the classes your child will progress in leaps and bounds by learning to develop their gross motor skills, manners, attitude, independence, listening skills, focus, alertness, stranger danger and more – Parents of St.George can't seem to get enough of our value-packed program!


Our Samurais classes run for a duration of 60 min each class and are often divided into Beginner Level (White to Orange Stripe belts), Intermediate Level (Green to Purple Stripe Belts) and Advanced Level (Brown to Black Stripe Belts). Each belt level has its own specific class content that is taught to the student in preparation for their quarterly grading (belt promotion examination). Although Ninjas classes run for 60 min per class, students are encouraged to participate in 2 x 60min classes per week as a minimum to ensure they cover the physical, mental and technical aspects of the Ninjas syllabus and get the most out of their session!


Our 60 min Ninjas sessions are generally made up of a mixture of 'Ninja Warrior' circuits, team building exercises, individual Martial Arts technique development, stretching, dojang etiquette, Martial Arts games and more. SGMAA Ninjas are a fun and dynamic age group and their true characters come out only after a few weeks of participation – once they have established their friendships with fellow Ninjas and have become familiar with their new surroundings.

Ninjas are taught the importance of manners, courtesy, kindness, friendship, respect, focus, listening and experience the feeling of achieving a reward for their hard work and commitment each term. Ninjas set their sites on earning their next belt level to eventually graduate into the Juniors Program 9-12 Years. Ninjas that pass their gradings and show a great attitude to their Martial Arts training, classmates, parents and home life eventually move onto the Juniors Program 9-12 Years where the 'training wheels' are removed and the student is challenged by a more independent approach to their classes.


Ninjas classes are designed to prepare and condition the student to ultimately prepare for 'big school' being the Juniors Program 8-12 Years which has a profound and positive impact on their confidence and general character development, helping them become strong and respectful members of the community! Generally Ninjas commence at any age above 3 years old and stay in the program until they turn 8 at which time they are more than ready to take on greater challenges in their Martial Arts journey. Our program has been proven, tried and tested and the confidence we see in the child after years of commitment to their Martial Arts training is enormous and this is due to the child understanding and truly knowing what they are capable of, how strong they are, how good they become at Martial Arts and with the support and encouragement of the parents in alliance with the SGMAA Black Belt instructors we have a winning formula!


It's easy to get started with our Ninjas Program 3-8 years – simply register for a FREE TRIAL Martial Arts class at the branch location of your choice and on the day of the week that suits you most, wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a bottle of water along with you. Our classes, instructors and student culture are all very friendly and welcoming and your child will have no problem jumping into their first class and enjoying themselves. Experience the adrenaline, excitement and power of your child becoming a Martial Artist with other like-minded kids their age and make friends for life at St.George's fastest growing Martial Arts Academy.


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