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Questions you may have about SGMAA

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Did you know that St.George Martial Arts Academy offers UNLIMITED CLASSES for one low weekly membership fee?

Did you know that St.George Martial Arts Academy offers generous family discounts for parents and siblings?

Did you now that St.George Martial Arts Academy is one the biggest Martial Arts schools in the area?

Did you also know that St.George Martial Arts Academy operates classes 6 days per week with over 70 classes?

  • How many classes per week does St.George Martial Arts Academy operate?
    We offer 72 classes per week across to school locations. SGMAA classes and locations run 6 days per week, that is Monday to Saturday between (2) two St.George locations – Kogarah and Kingsgrove.
  • How many classes can I attend per week?
    SGMAA offer 'UNLIMITED CLASSES' for the one low weekly membership fee – we are all about supporting the community and as the largest school in the St.George district we encourage our members to attend as many classes per week as they can fit into their busy schedules. We want our members to make our timetable fit into their busy schedule and come to class any day they choose NOT the other way around where you are restricted to the days you can come to class or there are no classes running when you can actually get there! 72 classes per week, 6 days per week, 2 locations in St.George, 1 low weekly membership fee – No Excuses!
  • Are there any long term lock-in contracts?
    NO. When you join SGMAA you are committing to 1 month of membership and if you choose to cancel your membership after the first month you can simply give us notice by email that you wish to cancel your membership and this will then activate your 30 day notice period. Members can continue training right up until the last day of the notice period. Making your total minimum committment to SGMAA 60 days.
  • Can I place my membership on hold?
    Probationary Membership Period Members that have just joined us and are still in their first month (30 day probationary period) cannot place their membership on hold for any reason. Once out of the first 30 day probationary period, SGMAA will accept hold requests of membership for up to 90 days. After the 90 day on-hold period expires your membership will reactivate automatically and normal direct debits will continue accordingly. Eligible Memberships Memberships that are eligible to be placed on hold can be placed on hold for a minimum of 14 days only, therefore if you wish to go away for 7 days and you request your membership to be placed on hold for that week of absence, we will not accept your hold request as it does not meet our minimum hold request criteria. Our billing system works in fortnightly payment cycles thus does not permitting us to process any hold requests under 14 days. Christmas and New Year Period Hold requests are not accepted for the 2 week period that we close every year between Christmas and New Year. We operate our school for 50 weeks per year, working right through public holidays, school holidays, etc. only ever stopping for a break during Easter week and the Christmas/New Year period. We are committed to this to provide maximum value to our members and to ensure they never miss any classes throughout the year. Members that wish to go away for the Christmas period for a given time period will only have their membership placed on hold for the dates outside of our standard, yearly Christmas and New Years closing period – we do not place memberships on hold for any reason during our end of year closing period. eg. Member requests in writing they are going away from December 15th 2018 and returning January 15th 2019, this is a total absence of 4 weeks, however only 2 of the 4 weeks will be accepted as a hold request; these are the weeks outside of the SGMAA Christmas and New Year closing period. The closing period is a time for SGMAA to re-invest back to improving, enhancing and optimising classes, equipment, processes and every single aspect of the academy that makes us the leading school in the St.George district ensuring we are always increasing our value to our loyal members year after year. We encourage members to attend a minimum of 100 classes per year and by running 72 classes per week, 6 days per week, 50 weeks of the year we are very confident that all members will be able to meet this target in a 12 month period with no issues with ample time throughout the year to make up any missed classes.
  • How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?
    At SGMAA it takes approximately 5 years to earn a Black Belt – that is from your first day as a White belt to earning your 1st Dan Black Belt which means you will be registered with Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters as an international Taekwondo Black Belt.
  • What is a 'Grading' and how often are they?
    A grading is a regular belt examination that occurs every 3 months (and every 6 months for red belts) in front of the students and their families as witnesses to their progress and performance on the day. Gradings are a great time to stop and reflect on how far the student has transformed from the person they once were to the person they are now. Gradings also provide an opportunity for loved ones to spectate and witness for themselves how proficient a student is and has become in the syllabus content and removes any doubts of whether or not the student has earned their belts or not. Grading is an important part of the life of a martial artist.
  • What ages do you accept at SGMAA?
    The youngest age a member needs to be to join the SGMAA Ninjas program is 3 years. Our Ninjas program is designed for 3-6 year olds and is the fastest growing program in the St.George district. There is nobody that is too old to join SGMAA – age is a human construct and should not be obsessed over. We have plenty of mum's and dad's that train regularly on the mats and have had members train with us well into their 60's with no problem at all. Our classes are family friendly and non-contact. Full contact training is reserved for Black Belts that choose to focus their training on Olympic style competitive Taekwondo sparring only.

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