Eligible students to ensure you are ready to grade for your next belt. Please prepare for this week of pre-examination and ensure you bring your best performance!

Pre-grading is our way of ensuring all students receive a fair chance at passing their official grading we hold at the end of each term.


The pre-grading is usually held the first week of the 3rd month of that quarter (term) and is literally a mock-grading where students get to experience the format, emotions and pressure of the head instructor judging panel examining their proficiency and understanding of what is required for the student to achieve their next belt level.

The format is similar to that of the official grading, however it is more casual and the process allows for the examiners to point out areas of improvement, giving the student time to rectify and improve ahead of the official grading 2-3 weeks later.

Pre-grading is conducted during normal classes and students that complete their pre-grading examination will be asked to jump back into their class with a clear focus on the goal of achieving their next belt level.


Students that absolutely do not have a grasp of the syllabus and content related to their next belt level will be required to put in more training and wait for the next grading at the discretion and decision of the head instructor. Failing the pre-grading is often viewed as a negative aspect of the belt examination process, however in reality it is not a negative but rather a positive as it provides the student more time to gain extra training, develop more focus and approach the grading with less pressure and more experience – truly earning their next belt, which benefits the student with a sense of pride and self respect knowing they achieved a goal that only 3 months ago they could not. This is what Martial Arts is all about, building character one-achievement at a time!

Students that pass their pre-grading examination will be issued with an Official Grading Registration form and this will provide them with all the instructions they need to register online and prepare for the big day.

Students that do not pass the pre-grading examination will be provided with an 'Improvement Checklist' similar to a report card and it will detail the areas of where the student is strong and also where they are lacking and need 'improvement'. It will also provide a recommendation on when the Head Instructor feels the student will be eligible to attend a grading to advance to the next belt level on their journey to Black Belt.

The examination process at St.George Martial Arts Academy is very stringent due to the fact we are an internationally registered (WT) Taekwondo dojang with Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters. Kukkiwon is the highest world standard of (WT) Taekwondo governing all Martial Arts aspects of Taekwondo. Students that gain their Black Belt Dan 1 and above with SGMAA are invited to register with the Kukkiwon to ensure they too are registered internationally as Black Belts with the peak body of (WT) Taekwondo in the world.

Some tips to help students make it through the pre-grading process:

  1. Drink plenty of water

  2. Nerves are normal

  3. Do your best

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself

  5. Failing or Passing – it's all about learning

  6. Practise, practise, practise

  7. Visualise your goals and they will become reality

  8. Eat healthy clean 'real food' for mental clarity

  9. Keep a positive, focussed and determined mindset

  10. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

We wish all students the best of luck in their pre-grading performance and remember...


– SGMAA Head Instructor Team


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