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Students to be advised that both Kogarah and Kingsgrove branches will be closed for the Christmas and New Year period.

The last day of class for 2019 will be Saturday 21st December and the 1st day of class for 2020 will be Monday 6th January 2020. Given that we are the only Taekwondo school in St.George that works through public and school holidays throughout the year, operating unlimited classes 6 days per week for all of our valued students, we think we may have earned this break :)

During this down time we reflect on our processes, class content, syllabus, equipment and every single aspect of the academy and devise ways to improve for the year ahead ensuring you are always training at a world class Taekwondo club.

We wish each and every one of our valued students a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year period and look forward to seeing you all fresh and ready for some serious training in 2020.

– Master George, Mr Nick and Ms Jacky


Memberships will not be placed on hold during the above dates, that is between 21/12/19 and 6/1/20 all other dates before and after the school closure dates will be accepted for hold requests.


Please forward your hold requests to our accounts team memberships @

Please see below our membership hold terms and conditions:

Hold in Membership

Probationary Membership

Members that have just joined us and are still in their first month (30 day probationary period) cannot place their membership on hold for any reason. Once out of the first 30 day probationary period, we will accept hold requests of a membership for up to 90 days. After the 90 day on-hold period expires your membership will reactivate automatically and billing will recommence.

Official Membership

Memberships that are out of their 30 day probationary period are deemded ‘official memberships’ and can be placed on hold for a minimum of 14 days only, eg. if you wish to go away for 7 days and you request your membership to be placed on hold for that week of absence, we will not accept your hold request as it does not meet our minimum on-hold criteria.

Christmas and New Year Period

Hold requests are not accepted for the period that we close every year between Christmas and New Year. We operate our school for 50 weeks per year, working through public holidays and school holidays, only ever stopping for a break during Easter and the Christmas/New Year period. We do not charge members additional fees to access classes during public or school holidays, therefore we do not accept hold requests during the Christmas and New Year period. We are committed to you 50 weeks per year and aim to provide maximum value to our members, ensuring we always run classes during the 50 weeks we operate SGMAA within. Members that wish to go away for the Christmas period for a given time period will only have their membership placed on hold for the dates outside of our standard, yearly Christmas and New Year closing period – we do not place memberships on hold for any reason during our end of year closing period. eg. Member requests they are going away from December 15th and returning January 15th, this is a total absence of 4 weeks, however only 2 of the 4 weeks will be accepted as a hold request by SGMAA. The Christmas and New Year closing period is a time where we re-invest back into improving, enhancing and optimising classes, equipment, processes, programs and every aspect of the academy ahead of the new year. We encourage members to attend a minimum of 100 classes per year and by running 72 classes per week, 6 days per week, 50 weeks of the year we are confident that members can meet their training target throughout the year to make up any classes the student may need or wish to make-up.

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