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SGMAA cleans up at 2022 Sydney Taekwondo Championships

Medal Tally at the 2022 Sydney Taekwondo Championships:

8 Gold Medals 5 Silver Medals 5 Bronze Medals

Super proud and grateful to all SGMAA Kyorugi Coaches, Squad Members, family and friends who attended the 2022 Sydney Taekwondo Championships yesterday.

It was an emotional day full of highs and lows and an event that was a long time coming in preparing our students for the upcoming 2022 NSW State Championships later this year.

There were over 14 clubs in attendance from all over Sydney, all competing for the title of the 'best in Sydney'!

After a very long and exhausting 12 hour day and no shortage of action, it was made very clear where all those countless hours of tough, mental and physical training were – the blood, sweat and tears in the dojang meant glory on fight day.

We are beyond proud of the pool of talent demonstrated in yesterday's Sydney Taekwondo Championships against some of the best clubs in the country and we hope now that students, parents, families and friends can see why our teaching methods are the way they are – because they work!

They work to develop and build up our students from the ground up – setting them up for nothing short of success in life!

We must always remember:

Respect for club, teachers and fellow students first.

Respect for tradition, mental discipline/toughness and the determination to achieve excellence in everything we do – no matter what!

Respect for time, patience and commitment to consistent training and making the pain in our training sessions, day-in and day-out our best friend.

On fight day, this friendship between the pain of our training sessions and stepping outside our comfort zone is the only friend we have on fight day.

This is how we achieved glory yesterday.

No shortcuts, no excuses.

Just laser focus, belief in the process and the absolute will to win.

Winning is entering the competition and giving it a go, even if you are overwhelmed and scared.

Winning is living your life with excitement and stepping well and truly out of your comfort zone and giving glory a chance.

Nobody lost anything yesterday – everybody gained priceless memories and moments together, embedded in time. Experience in combat against unknown opponents in full-contact Olympic Taekwondo Kyorugi.

We created Stories that will bond us all for the rest of our lives.

Thank you to all coaches for making sure the day ran smoothly for SGMAA.

Thank you to all parents, family and friends for your support, love, encouragement, trust and patience.

Thank you to our students for making our club proud.

Learn from this and move onto the next tournament.

– Master George

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